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INTERVIEW with Brisbane Fashion Month Designer 2023 - Two Hearts Bridal Studio

Written By Suzanne Dang

Photo: Caroline Attwood

SD: Hi Anna, for my readers who don’t know you yet, can you please introduce yourself?

A: My name is Anna, I am married and mother of 3 teenage/adult children. My passion for fashion and dressmaking was instilled at a young age, as I fondly reminisce about sitting alongside and watching my mother, a seamstress crafting garments. Furthermore, my connection to the world of bridal couture extends through to my mother-in-law, who boasts a distinguished career as a Brisbane based bridal haute couturier. Our shared passion for design allows us to work on new designs regularly. I established Two Hearts Bridal Studio approximately 8 years ago. I am committed to creating affordable, yet stunning bridal attire and I absolutely love what I do! SD: What was the biggest inspiration behind your latest collection?

A: In the upcoming collection I have focused on providing brides gowns that seamlessly transition from day to night, effortlessly moving from the wedding ceremony to reception. By offering versatile and exquisite, affordable bridal wear I aim to make every bride's wedding experience as memorable and magical as possible.

SD: What helps you get in the zone when you’re designing?

A: I find true solace designing in my design room (with multiple coffees per day), it is my sacred, quiet place.

I gather inspiration for my upcoming designs by discussing current bride's desires and needs, I then add my artistic flair and vision whilst listening to my favourite 80's tunes, bringing my unique designs into fruition.

SD: How do you want people to feel when wearing your pieces?

A: My commitment to my brides goes beyond creating stunning gowns, it's about ensuring they feel comfortable and true to themselves whilst radiating a sense of luxurious beauty on their Wedding day! My bridal designs are crafted with the belief that brides should be able to embrace their individuality while wearing my creations. To achieve this, I offer a range of customised tailoring options when ordering my gowns. These options include the ability to customise the gown's lining colour, addition of buttons, customising the neckline, back and straps to their preference, ensuring a fit that matches their vision. Additionally, you can customise the train, add or remove sleeves etc. providing brides the freedom to choose a train/sleeves that compliments their own style and comfort.

SD: What is your favourite part of being a designer?

A: The true essence of being a designer lies in the profound freedom it grants to breathe life into my ideas and emotions through my gowns. Each gown is a creation upon which I reflect my unique vision, infusing my passion, creativity and soul into each detail. The ultimate reward and immense source of gratification in my craft comes when a bride chooses one of my gowns, it is the most profound compliment and a testament to my designs.

SD: Without giving too much details away, what should we expect from your collection for Brisbane Fashion Month?

A: My upcoming collection at Brisbane Fashion Month promises to be a breathtaking showcase of bridal fashion, embodying the core values of comfort, effortless elegance and a touch of sparkle and shine, allowing brides to move with grace, sophistication and confidence on their wedding day. Tickets are going fast. If you want to see Two Hearts Bridal Studio on the runway, get your Brisbane Fashion Month 2023 tickets here Brisbane Fashion Month Website: Brisbane Fashion Month Facebook: Brisbane Fashion Month Instagram: Two Hearts Bridal Studio’s social media presence: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Pinterest:

Photo: Caroline Attwood

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