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To veil or not to veil......

The veil is the oldest tradition of bridal wear that has carried through to modern times. In the earliest historical references of the veil, it was worn to 'ward off evil spirits' from the bride, while today it is often used as a simple accessory to elevate the bridal gown.

We see may brides come through the Two Hearts Bridal Studio unsure if they should wear a veil on their big day, so we've decided to share some tips and insights that may make the decision a little easier.

Types of veils

There are many types of veils to choose from; they can be long or short, made with detailed lace embroidery or from a simple tulle. A standard veil typically reaches between the elbow and fingertips in length however some brides opt for a 'statement veil' that falls to the floor.

Silhouette's differ from veil to veil. A 'traditional' veil has a simple silhouette, falls over the shoulders and includes a 'blusher' or a second layer that drapes over the face, while the modern veil is often secured by a single comb and falls down the bride's back.

Veils can be personalised to suit your own personal style, whether that be through unique lace embroidery or even having the veil monogrammed the bride and groom's initials.

Tips for choosing veils

When choosing a veil, the most important tip we can provide is to make sure you feel comfortable wearing it. While you may want to be adventurous for your big day, be sure to ask yourself if you will still like the veil five years' down the track, as you will be making memories for a lifetime.

If you are somebody who likes to keep things simple, we recommend selecting your dress first, then finding a veil to compliment. If you are looking for more of a statement piece, choose a dress that won't upstage the veil.

Finally, think practically! If you are the kind of bride that will be on the dancefloor into the early hours, perhaps select a simple, short veil or one that you can take off.

Veil alternatives

If you decide not to wear a veil, it doesn't mean you have to keep your head bare - there are many alternative headwear options to choose from.

One option that has become very popular in recent years is a flower crown. You can match it to your wedding bouquet or work through some natives for a bohemian feel.

Another very popular alternative is the wedding tiara, which can be a small, simple headpiece or something a little extra to make more of a statement.

If you prefer to keep things minimalistic, play around with a selection of hair clips through an updo or to keep your hair out of your face.

At Two Hearts Bridal Studio, we work one-on-one with all brides to curate their unique look and can help you decide if a veil is right for you.

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