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To Veil or Cape. Which would you choose?

Two Hearts Bridal Studio, New Farm is really fortunate to provide such a modern, beautiful and diverse collection of wedding veils and capes for Brisbane brides.

Wedding capes may be something new for you to consider? Traditional head veils long or short, aren't for everyone. Some brides prefer no head veil or head piece.

Bridal capes are a modern alternative to a traditional veil. A bridal cape can be a modern twist to a traditional bolero. You may not want to wear a veil and or train to float down the aisle. A bridal cape provides something similar with an unexpected twist.

Change your look from ceremony to reception. A bridal cape may add a dramatic and effortless way to change up your bridal gown when you start you reception.

You don't have to wait to the reception to introduce your beautiful bridal cape! You may want extra coverage to your wedding gown, and your bridal cape can be that alternative to a traditional bridal train. A bridal cape creates extra visual interest that doesn't have to be fussy or adorn with embellishments - or you can enjoy as much delicate bling as you want. Bridal capes give you confidence to wear your gown your way and to enjoy a cape length that is short or long to suit your personality and gown style.

Two Hearts Bridal Studio have gorgeous sample bridal capes to try on with perhaps your already purchased gown, or you can try on both a sample gown & sample cape from Two Hearts Bridal collection during your complimentary, private appointment at our New Farm studio.

With over 30 years experience in the fashion industry, Two Hearts Bridal Studio promises a relaxed and beautiful experience where brides receive personalised attention.

Two Hearts Bridal Studio takes the stress out of finding your dream bridal dress. Visit our New Farm Brisbane studio to browse, feel and try on our many sample gowns.

Two Hearts Bridal Studio provides affordable, modern, diverse bridal gown styles, veils and capes using quality and beautiful fabrics. No gown or bride are the same, and Two Hearts Bridal Studio are passionate and committed to helping you find your dream bridal gown.

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